ASCO is a development and manufacturing company for machines and equipment for the (home)textile and sun protection industry.

As a specialist for textiles, ASCO designs and builds machines and equipment for:

  • Sun protection industry: a complete range of equipment for cutting and assembling made-to-measure and ready-made roller blinds, roman blinds, insect screens, sun screens, awnings, and more, as well as welding equipment for screens, scalloping machines, CNC controlled laser and ultrasonic cutting tables, etc.

  • Textile, furniture and garment industry: inspection, measuring and finishing machines.

  • Wholesalers for home textile fabrics: programmable rewinding, cutting and packing machines.

  • Curtain and sample book manufacturers: programmable machines for cutting panels and automatic cutting tables for fabrics.

  • Sign industry: length and cross cutting machines, automatic folding-taping machines and folding-welding machines.

  • Bedding and bathroom textiles: cutting tables and special equipment.

  • Other industries using technical fabrics and foils like filters, tents, sails and tarpaulins: manual and fully automatic cutting tables.

ASCO engineers are used to listen to customer's demands and design equipment that suits the customer's needs. ASCO aims to build high quality machines for a reasonable price, using state-of-the-art technology.

All equipment is developed and tested in close cooperation with major Dutch and German companies. Before a newly developed machine is released for export, it is tested over an extended period and brought to perfection. ASCO equipment has shown to be very successful on the European, US and Asian market (please check for our
reference list).