Textile Sun Protection

Awnings Jentschmann AG is the world-wide leading manufacturer of machines for the production of awnings, roller-blinds and other textile sun protection.

In the course of the last decades a complete range of machinery and systems has been developed in order to provide the most suitable equipment for manufacturing sun protection textiles. 

Jentschmann's product range covers cutting awning and sun shade fabrics, panel joining and hemming, spline pockets or extrusion attachment, valance cut off, shape cutting, and binding.

Jentschmann's cutting systems range from simple hand held ultrasonic cutters to automated systems which measure and calculate fabric cutting dimensions to simplify assembly operations.

Jentschmann's joining machinery includes ultrasonic, hot air, and hot wedge gluing and welding, as well as sewing.

Jentschmann also offer the only fully automated system for RV awning production.

Jentschmann's modular concept provides cost effective solutions for large and small producers of solar shade products.

Apparel bonding Ultrasonic welding and gluing is being applied more and more in the clothing industry as it's advantages are recognized.

Glued seams are thinner and more comfortable - particularly important on underwear and close fitting sportswear. They can also provide water proof seams which are thinner and more flexible than traditional sewing / seam taping methods - advantageous in technical outwear, protective clothing, backpacks, tents, and similar products.

A number of well know brand name clothing and accessories manufacturers are using Jentschmann membrane joining technologies in their production operations.

Special Ultrasonic Equipment Welding and gluing have long been used in the filtration industry - typically with hot air or wedge technology.
Ultrasonics extend the range of applications considerably by:
- providing clean, sealed cut edges on composite material substrates
- improved speed and quality of welds
- cleaner and more consistent glued seams using heat activated adhesive films rather than liquified glue
- versatile and adaptable machinery which provides effective solutions for today and tomorrow.

Ultrasonic cutting using our hardened steel rotary sonotrode provides a clean cutting solution for a variety of difficult to cut materials.

For welding or gluing pleated filters, product handling and visibility of the seam operation is greatly improved since there are no heating elements or glue nozzles in the way.

Jentschmann's rotating sonotrode technology provides you with reliable, high speed solutions for cutting and assembling pleated, tubular, or flat filtration products.

Special Products
Whether you are looking for a complete production system or simply need to integrate some of Jentschmann's technologies into your own equipment, we have the expertise for an effective solution.