AMAYA OS Controls




Things to ask about when you contact a friendly Embroidery Business Consultant:

New for 2010:

  • Lettering and Editing Functionality is Now Part of AMAYA OS. With lettering and editing features built right in, many simple embroidery jobs can be completed without ever launching DesignShop.
  • AMAYA OS Exclusive Feature—Real Hoop Limit Detection. No matter what style of hoop you’re using, AMAYA OS will detect the actual sewable area within the hoop, eliminating any guesswork on the operator’s part and preventing potential machine damage.
  • Auto-Color Sequence—Active colors in an .OFM design can be mapped to needles on a selected machine. Simply click and drag the color in the sequence to the needle of choice.


    Reliable and Convenient

    Melco leads the way with innovative operating system software that offers total flexibility and convenience. AMAYA OS is filled with new features making the operation of your machines more productive than ever. AMAYA OS is available in multiple productivity levels to fit your business needs.


    AMAYA OS is reliable software. With the exclusive Flexfeature, AMAYA XTS heads can be operated in synchronous mode (all heads start and stop in unison) or in asynchronous mode (each head operates independently).

  •  The asynchronous mode allows other machines in a multi-head configuration to continue operating when one head stops for an event, such as a bobbin change or thread break.

    >AMAYA OS Fits Your Business
    Whether you have a large industrial operation or a retail embroidery shop, AMAYA XTS and AMAYA OS offer the flexibility, convenience and features to bring your productivity and profitability to the next level.

    For Single Machine Operation
    AMAYA OS SE (Single Edition) comes bundled with AMAYA XTS single-head machines, and is designed for embroiderers who want to run one AMAYA XTS machine. If more AMAYA heads are added at a later date, you can easily upgrade.

    AMAYA OS Flex Plus
    For Multiple Machines in Multiple Groups
    Use AMAYA OS Flex Plus if you own multiple AMAYA XTS machines and need maximum embroidery operation flexibility. AMAYA OS Flex Plus software lets you run up to 30 machines in different groups. With AMAYA OS Flex Plus, you can group and regroup your machines in any combination and sew different designs on each group. For example, set up a four-head group, a six-head group and a two-head group all from the AMAYA OS Flex Plus software. It’s total flexibility!