Embroidery Backing

Embroidery Backing is known as the foundation for quality embroidery. Without backing the embroidery has no stability or structure. The importance of the proper type and weight of backing cannot be over-emphasized. Many people get confused as to what exactly backing is.

Backing is a type of cloth, usually non-woven, that consists of fibers laid in random directions. These fibers in some cases can be easily torn. When a fabric is woven or knit, certain properties like stretch are inherent in the fabric. If embroidery were laid down on typical fabrics they would have a tendency to distort the fabric and pucker and eventually lose their shape and definition. When the fibers of backing are laid down in random directions they form a fabric that holds it shape and does not stretch in any direction. Backing maintains this property even through washing cycles.

Typically, one would use a heavier backing on lighter, stretchier fabrics and could use a medium to heavy cutaway on pique knits.

Backing is generally divided into three major categories: tear away, cutaway and specialty backings. Fiber strength determines whether backing is considered a tear away or cutaway.


Cutaway backing is a woven or non-woven material that must be cut form the fabric after the embroidery is complete. This type of backing is used to support the embroidery on the fabric during and after the embroidery process. It also prevents the fabric from stretching during embroidery.

Cutaway backings are generally used for unstable goods like knits. Examples of a knit would be a t-shirt, a golf shirt, a sweater, or a sweatshirt.

For best stability we recommend using a single layer of Cutaway backing.

All of our Cutaway backings are single-layer applications.


Tear-away backing is a non-woven material that tears easily in any direction and can be easily removed after embroidery.

Tear away is extremely simple and fast to use, but the uses are limited because it offers little support to unstable fabrics.

Some examples of fabrics suitable for tear away are cotton sheeting, woven dress shirts, denim, terry cloth, hats, and some satins. Be aware that tear away can be a bit scratchy, and use on fabrics that will be worn against skin may want to be avoided.

Specialty Backings/Toppings



  • Perfect for fleece and terry - Keeps the letters raised without sinking into fabric.
  • Great to clean up small lettering and the overall appearance of your embroidery
  • Multi directional stability for embroidery


Rinses away with cold water.
Perfect for embroidering freestanding lace


No show cutaway mesh available in both normal and fusible

Eliminates the backing shadow often visible through sheer fabrics.

Click here for more information on Polymesh

Hydro Stick

Hydro-Stick was developed for embroidery applications that have been too difficult with traditional hooping.

Now you can embroider irregular-shaped articles, slippery fabrics and eliminate hoop burns.

Hydro-Stick allows you to adhere to and secure articles without having to hoop them. Great on velvets, napped materials, silks, knits, vinyl, leather, and any material requiring a better hold.

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