Glueing - the better way of sewing  

GLUETEX have accomplished to develop the treatment of the awning fabric. High-quality sun shading products require fabrics without hanging fabric edges and over stretched seams GLUETEX offers the market a strengthened adhesive tape, used together with new developed glueing machines, to be well on the way to replace the conventional sewing technology.

Up to now the assumption was a better optic and waterproofness of glued fabrics but, with the newest development of GLUETEX, the tapes AV 130, there is the possibility to transfer 90% of the tension to the seam tapes.

How does it work?

Every tape can take a load of more then 50kp (500 N), in addition, every fabric panel will be pre-stretched within the seams and the edges of the fabric.

As a result of that, the tapes, reinforced with fibre glass, will take the appearing force.

Unlike awning fabrics made of PAC or PP, which get streched with changes of temperature, GLUETEX tapes are almost stretch free.

A automated process during the produduction of the fabrics is doing the pre-stretchening and glueing of the fabric panels with a high economic efficiency.